Books by Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D.

Show the Value of What You Do
SKU: 9781523002276

Prove your effectiveness to anyone—and achieve professional success—by adapting the same ROI methods and metrics that leading companies use. In an era of evidence-based inquiry, people need to be able to measure their success. In their new book, Patti Phillips and Jack Phillips aim to help readers see the value of their work and then share it with others.
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ROI in Marketing
SKU: 9781260460421

Get your bottom-line results where you want them by putting your marketing campaigns and initiatives to powerful new use

Marketing is all about understanding and serving your customers’ needs―but how do you know that your events, campaigns, and communication initiatives are working at top effectiveness? And how can you determine whether your marketing investments are reaping real rewards? ROI (Return on Investment) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of all types of investments, and in this powerful guide, the team at the ROI Institute offer you a proven method for understanding your own marketing benchmarks as never before.

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Proving the Value of Soft Skills
SKU: 9781950496631

A Step-by-Step Guide to Showing the Value of Soft Skill Programs

As organizations rise to meet the challenges of technological innovation, globalization, changing customer needs and perspectives, demographic shifts, and new work arrangements, their mastery of soft skills will likely be the defining difference between thriving and merely surviving. Yet few executives champion the expenditure of resources to develop these critical skills. Why is that and what can be done to change this thinking?
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Value for Money: How to Show the Value for Money for all Types of Projects and Programs in: Governments Nongovernmental Organizations Nonprofits and Business
SKU: 9781119322658

Written by two of the world's most well-known ROI (Return on Investment) gurus, this guide is indispensable for anyone involved in showing the value of money for projects and programs in governments, non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, and businesses. These range from human capital programs to marketing initiatives, technology implementations, systems integrations, quality and lean processes, public health initiatives, procurement procedures, public relations events, risk management policies, economic development programs, corporate social responsibility projects, public policy programs, branding activities, innovation programs, customer satisfaction projects, and everything in between.
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The Value of Innovation
SKU: 978-1119242376

Innovation is the life blood of practically every organization. Innovation drives growth, development, and prosperity for many organizations and geographical areas.  Sometimes, innovation thrives within a certain geographical location or in certain organizations that are known for their innovative approaches. This outstanding new volume will demonstrate how to measure the success of innovation in all types of organizations. 
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Handbook of Training Evaluation and Measurement Methods
SKU: 9781138797321

Today’s economic climate means that anyone involved in training and development must be able to measure its effect on business performance. With a focus on costs, benefits, and return on investment, this book provides a comprehensive reference for those who are learning about or implementing an evaluation system. This new edition is fully revised and updated to reflect current developments, with step-by-step guidance on a range of vital topics.
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